Tool bags are those which help the users to protect the tools from extensive damage. The utilisation of tool bags can also make it easy to find the tools with minimal effort. Tool bags come in multiple types in terms of sizes, shapes and uses. There are different types of tool bags for numerous trades.

Such as mechanics tool bags, plumbers tool bags, HVAC tool bags etc. All these bags can greatly impact one’s selection of tool bags. Hence to help you make the right decision, we are here with this precise guide. Here we will explain which factors. You should consider these before buying a tool bag from any Tool box supplier delaer in Dubai UAE

Material & Durability

The very first aspect of buying useful tool bags is durability. Tool bags are made up of a wide range of materials. Such as nylon, polyester, polypropylene, leather, and canvas. The durability of any tool bag depends on the material which it is made up of. Such as, if you need to carry a large number of tools or heavier tools, it is always better to select a heavy-duty tool bag.

While choosing the material of your tool nag, it is always better to consider the moisture-resistance. It is crucial to keep the tools away from rust. For this reason, always select materials that help you to keep the bags clean and dry. It is not very easy to do so while moving between jobs. Hence, choosing a moisture-resistant or fast-drying material can help.


The next major factor in choosing a tool ag for any task is the compartments. Organisation is the key to any tool bag and here comes the significance of compartments. The effective tool bags include a variety of internal and external compartments. These compartments are varied in size.

The more a bag includes pockets, the more effectively it can store the tools. While selecting a bag, always consider the sizes of the compartments. This is to avoid loose storage of your tools which can cause extensive damage to the tools. To prevent this situation, try to select a bag with a large number of external compartments.

Capacity & Size

Capacity and size are two major factors in selecting any tool bag. Always buy a tool bag that is big enough and includes multiple compartments of different sizes. But do not buy a bag of huge size which is difficult to carry.

A tool bag of 14-16 inches is adequate for amateurs. But those who are professionals must go for a bag with a little more capacity. Bags of 15-25 inches are sufficient for almost all trades. However, if you carry large tools, stick to bags with a capacity of more than 20 inches.

Portability & Comfort

Comfort and portability are two major aspects that need to be assessed when choosing a tool bag. Tool bags with long padded straps are very easy to carry. This is because they don’t just the shoulders much. A tool bag with a handle also can be useful for professionals.

If your job requires tremendous moving from one place to another, then try to buy a backpack tool bag. This is because it helps you to distribute the weight of the tools on both shoulders. These bags are way more comfortable than the traditional tote bags.


While buying a tool bag, consider the matter of security too. The types of fasteners a tool bag includes are crucial to its security. Tool bags with framed openings can help in reaching the tools easily. If you are going to buy tool bags with buckles or zippers, choose a hardwearing fabric like nylon zippers. Contact a drawer tool cabinet trolly supplier in Dubai UAE to buy effective products.


So, these are some common factors which everyone should assess while buying tool bags. If you also are looking forward to buying excellent quality tool bags, contact Abasco Tools. This is because our large range of products are made with superior high-grade materials. Our exclusive collection of tool bags can help you get the right product for your needs. Contact us now.