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    Abasco Tools are importers and distributors of Top quality Industrial Tools, Precision tools, Hand Tools, Engineering Tools, Measuring Instruments, Non-sparking Tools, Cutting Tools, Threading Solutions, Abrasives and Accessories for all types of Industries.

    We Expertise in Providing & Procuring Tools from High Quality International Suppliers and we also assure delivery of the best quality products which are made using superior Industrial Grade Quality Materials.

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    We Expertise in Providing & Procuring Tools from High Quality International Suppliers and we also assure delivery of the best quality products

    Why Choose us

    Why Choose Abasco Tools

    Abasco Tools is a renowned company known for offering brilliantly designed tools for uplifting your work speed with maximum safety. Our company manufactures, imports, and distributes a variety of tools, including hand tools, power tools, industrial tools, precision tools, non-sparking tools, and much more. The professionals of the top workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE are highly dedicated and responsible for crafting incredible tools to fulfill the requirements of their clients. Our tools are available at a budget-friendly cost and are designed ergonomically to offer safety and comfort to the user. Our professionals don’t leave room for their clients’ dissatisfaction; they satisfy them with their perfectly crafted tools. So, if you are a professional and require the best tools, connect with Abasco Tools now.

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    After-Sales Support and Maintenance

    Abasco Tools, a leading tools supplier in Dubai UAE, offers expertly crafted, ergonomic, and budget-friendly tools for maximum safety and efficiency.

    Ergonomic Tool Development

    Discover superior tools with Abasco Tools, the trusted supplier in Dubai UAE, offering high-performance and safe tools at competitive prices.

    After-Sales Support and Maintenance

    Abasco Tools provides comprehensive after-sales support and maintenance services to ensure the longevity and optimal performance of our products.

    Quality Products

    Abasco Tools, the top tools supplier in Dubai UAE, delivers expertly designed, comfortable, and cost-effective tools for all your professional needs.


    Top Workshop Tools Suppliers in UAE, Dubai, UAE

    We design marvelous tools tailored to your requirements at a budget-friendly price.


    Our Client’s Voice

    After becoming a loyal client of Abasco Tools, I found my effectiveness during work was suddenly uplifted. My clients appreciate the quality and fast work. Thanks, Abasco Tools, for offering such great tools at affordable prices.

    Happy Customer

    Thanks to Abasco Tools for selling high-quality power tools that are helping me to perform my tasks quite well. The designs of the tools are pretty ergonomic and always allow me to work faster without any stress or injury. Connecting with Abasco Tools helped me a ton in my regular to-do, keeping my clients satisfied.

    Happy Customer

    I am an Air Conditioner technician who always needs the best hand tools to fix AC issues and perform the installation. While searching for the best tool suppliers in UAE, I found Abasco Tools and contacted them. The response was quick, and the products were incredible.

    Happy Customer

    Fast services, quick response, and quality products of Abasco Tools made it easier for me to work smoothly on my projects. Thanks, Abasco, for providing me with such great tools.

    Happy Customer

    I was seeking the best workshop tools suppliers in Dubai when my friend told me about Abasco Tools. After reaching out to them, I found their products unique. The tools are perfectly crafted, considering the safety and requirements of the users. I am so mesmerized to use such high-quality tools.

    Happy Customer

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    We Expertise in Providing & Procuring Tools from High Quality International Suppliers and we also assure delivery of the best quality products

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