When it comes to the matter of choosing a coating thickness gauge, a wrong selection can cause a measurement disaster. Even an inaccurate reading with an improper thickness gauge can lead to wrong outcomes. All these increase the possibilities of failures to fulfill an effective thickness gauge specification.

The penalties can increase the excessive cost of lost projects or rework. This is because of the disapproval from the clients. So, to choose the most applicable coating thickness gauge, it is necessary to know some crucial facts. This blog post will help you explore the most considerable aspects of buying coating thickness gauges from coating thickness gauge supplier in Dubai UAE.


The very first aspect of choosing a coating thickness gauge is resolution. Coating thickness gauges with higher resolution are always better. This is because they deliver better visual display of the thickness measurement. This help them to perform better for precise measurement tasks.


The next considerable aspect of selecting a coating thickness gauge is its speed. The speed of thickness gauges in receving readings can help in faster assessment.

Hence it is always better to choose coating thickness gauges which have high speed. A coating thickness gauge which can take almost upto 60 readings per minute can be useful. This is because they can cover the entire task in the least time.

Material Type

The next noteworthy factor of choosing a coating thickness gauge is material type. Understanding the type of material that a thickness gauge will measure is crucial. This is because some thickness gauges only can measure the thickness of one single material. While some thickness gauge can measure two or more materials at one go.

Power & Battery

Power and battery are two notable considerable aspect of choosing a coating thickness gauge. Coating thickness gauges receive power from numerous types of batteries. Such as rechargeable battery or AAA battery. Between these two options, rechargeable battery powered thickness gauges are more efficient. The reasons behind this are easy charging options and convenience.


Coating thickness gauges are available in different types in terns of display or reading outputs. Some thickness gauge include a display screen for better reading, while some have a side scale to demonstrate the readings. Coating thickness gauges with a display screen is always better for easy use. But you need to make sure that the readings shown on the screen are easy to read.

Size & Weight

The portability of a coating thickness gauge is a crucial aspect. This is because it helps to determine whether the device can be carried easily or not. Hence, assess the size and weight of a coating thickness gauge as it is associated with the device’s portability.

Accuracy & Measuring Range

The lowest and highest thickness measurable by a coating thickness gauge decides its range and accuracy. These parameters are very essential while buying a coating thickness gauge. So, always assess these factors well before choosing a thickness gauge for your need. These tools are easily available at any screw extractor set supplier in Dubai UAE.


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