What are the Pullers? What are they used for? Are you curious about knowing about tools? Bearing Puller Suppliers in Dubai UAE provides pullers. Pullers are used for removing shaft-mounted components. The various components to be removed by the pullers are gears, wheels, pins, couplers, pulleys, bearings, etc. Let us see under what activities does pullers help?

Common Activities Involving the Pullers

For smaller industrial projects, smaller types of pullers are used. For heavy projects, the best bearing puller suppliers in Dubai UAE provide larger pullers. Let us understand a little bit more about it.

Paper Plants

The industries of paper plants require pullers. For use in roller bearings, and frank pump coupler the pullers play an important role. Tools suppliers in Dubai UAE offer a fantastic range of pullers.

Ship Building

In shipbuilding projects, pullers are used at the time of engine maintenance.

Power Generation

For dismounting of generator bearings, the workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE make the pullers available. The power generation Industry requires this tool frequently.

Oil and Gas

The best workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE, offer pullers. In the oil and gas industry, these tools are used for frank pump coupler pulling.


The process of mining includes pulling, removing pins, etc. The puller helps in making the tasks easily accomplished.


In the manufacturing sector, the removal of gears for maintenance is easily possible with the help of pullers.


Railways require pullers in the case of removing wheels and bearing off railcars.


Pullers are also helping the aerospace sector by providing aid in pulling the propellers, and rotors.

Features of Pullers

Some characteristics of pullers should be analyzed before buying this equipment. Online hardware store Dubai keeps the quality range of pullers. Get the best-featured bearing pullers suppliers in Dubai UAE and keep going for effective tasks.

Jaws of the Puller

The foremost thing to be examined before opting for a puller is their jaws. A Puller comprises either two or three jaws. A three-jaw puller is easier to use and safer than a 2-jaw puller. Buy the best puller from the workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE.

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Hydraulic Vs Mechanical Pullers

It is beneficial to choose the hydraulic pullers. These are easy to be operated. The size of the pullers determines the power of the pump. The pump may be electric, hand, or air type.

Synchronous Jaws

Before buying a puller from workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE, this feature should be kept in mind. The synchronous feature helps all the jaws to move simultaneously. The prevention of misalignment, lesser time in accomplishing the tasks, and the requirement of lesser staff are some benefits of this feature of pullers.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the tool suppliers in UAE are filled with a range of pullers. Dubai hand tools include the best quality pullers. So, check all the features before opting for a puller from the used tools for sale in Dubai.

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