What do you know about precision tools? The Carbide Burr Supplier in Dubai UAE supplies the best precision tools. Feeler gauges are the perfect precision tool for professional users.

Stainless steel tools supplier in Dubai UAE has superb tools to perform various tasks. Let us check the features of the feeler gauge through the current blog.

Feeler Gauge Specifications

Whether it is the cost of spirit level price in UAE or the cost of a feeler gauge, the best stainless steel tool supplier in Dubai UAE offers the perfect tools to the clients.

Let us know something about the feeler gauge. These are the mechanical instruments that help in offering precise readings for the gap that exists between two parallel surfaces.

Come and gather some of the specifications of the feeler gauge.

The features of the feeler gauge are quite considerable for professional users while purchasing the tool.

Material of the Blade

Carbon blades are most commonly used in the preparation of feeler gauges. Other materials like brass, plastic, and stainless-steel blades are also used while designing the feeler gauge.

The non-corrosive features and non-magnetic features are perfect for the designing of electronics. Some of the blades contain steel and brass together in the same set.

Stainless steel tools suppliers in Dubai UAE are finally developing the perfect feel gauge with the desired specifications.

Number of Blades

Feeler gauges have different numbers of blades. On the low side of the tool, there are ten or fewer, and on the other side, there are 13, 15,25,26, and 31 blade counts.

Length of The Blade

The standard length of the blade is three to five inches. Shorter blades are around ¾ to one inch.

The longer blades are around 12 inches in the length. So, while buying a feeler gauge, the length is majorly important to be kept in consideration.

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A fan-fold style package of the feeler gauge set is available commonly. Some feeler gauges have sets individually stored in the slotted pouch.


The feeler gauge is the best available with the stainless tools suppliers in Dubai UAE are offered in decimal millimetre sizes as well as decimal inch sizes.

The feeler gauge is the precise tool that accurately establishes the size of the clearance. Most industries use this tool like automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, oil and gas, and so on.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that the perfect feeler gauge should be checked before selecting. The above points are quite necessary to be checked before buying the perfect tool with appropriate features.

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