If you carry a workshop of tools, then you might be in contact with the best Allen key suppliers in UAE. But for others, let us understand something about the Allen Keys and their uses.

Laymen like me must be unaware of this tool, and their uses. So, let us get into this blog till the end and understand some crucial points and types of Allen keys.

So, get started and check out the amazing fact about Allen key suppliers in UAE.

What is Hex Key?

Hand tools suppliers in Dubai offer the perfect tools. You can search for “tools online UAE”, or “tools shop near me” on the internet and get worthy hand tools like Allen or Hex Key straight to your door.

Many stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE provide used tools for sale in UAE, to allow an individual to continue their work without any hassle.

Coming back to our topic, let us go through the meaning and types of a Hex or Allen key.

Allen key or wrench is the same and is also known as a hex key. These are hand tools small in size used to turn bolts and screws that carry hexagonal sockets.

Numerous Allen key suppliers in UAE are manufacturing and supplying incredible tools in multiple sizes followed by various types. Let us go through it below.

T- Handle

This is a modern kind of Allen Key tool mostly used in motorsport applications. The shape of this hand tool helps in spinning it quickly allowing the proper grip on the individual. Nowadays, bike mechanics is also buying this tool from the best Allen key suppliers in UAE for working effectively.

L- Style

The Allen wrenches of L-Style can be searched by typing “tools shop near me” over the internet. This tool can reach confined spaces and tight spots quite easily and offers control when required.


The P-Handle Hex key is oversize as an L-handle wrench, with a comfortable leverage just like the T-handle Allen wrench.

Folding Hex Key

Properly enclosed in the handle, these wrenches are admired by bike and bicycle riders. Offering the best torque, these wrenches are folded away from the storage handle at a 90-degree angle.

Ball Hex Sets

With ball molded heads, and tight edges, the ball hex-sets are easily available with the Allen Key suppliers in UAE. These hex wrenches can reach where L- formed wrenches can’t reach.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the Allen key is a crucial hand tool and can be bought easily through online or offline shops. Visit Abasco Tools, for getting more useful hand tools to make your workshop look remarkable.