In order to generate internal screw threads that can handle fasteners of standardized sizes, a HeliCoil is a sort of coiled-wire thread repair insert.

The following are some benefits of employing a Helicoil as per ABASCO TOOLS:

Range of thread sizes

There is a wide variety of thread repair applications that can be used with the available thread diameters.

Inserts can be found in sizes as little as a #2 screw and as large as 1 1/2 inches in diameter, according to our top Helicoil Thread Repair Kits Suppliers in Dubai UAE. There are also corresponding metric sizes available.

Selection of Thread Type

The following thread types and pitch configurations are available for inserts: UNC, UNF, Metric Coarse, Fine Pitch, UNEF, UNS, and Pipe Thread.

There are various different length options available for each insert.

Optional Materials

There are a number of material options, including Titanium, Inconel X, Nitronic 60, Phosphor Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Inconel X. There is also an array of finish coats available.

Inserts for thread repair

A threaded insert, as its name suggests, is a component that is inserted into a workpiece. Inserts offer high-quality, durable, internal threads when they are placed correctly.

Thread inserts are frequently the best solution to fix stripped threads, says our Helicoil Thread Repair Kits Suppliers in Dubai UAE.

There are many different combinations available for thread inserts. However, there are essentially just two types of inserts.

  • Inserting a Helical Coiled-Wire Thread
  • Insert Solid Body Thread

The HeliCoil is installed onto the installation tool for coarse thread types and rotated until the tang mates with the drive notch of the tool. The insert is then inserted into the hole till the correct depth is attained after that. The installation tool is then deleted at that point. The HeliCoil insert is inserted into the pre-coil tool for fine thread variations, enabling the insert to be compressed to the ideal size. The insert is then completely threaded inside the pre-coil body by spinning the installation tool. The tang also needs to be removed when the thread has been inserted into the patched hole and the installer tool has been taken out. The tang can be pounded with a punch that snugly fits into the insert until it pops.

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