A head with a long hammer handle is essential for driving nails, removing nails, and other construction tasks. Do you know how many types of hammers suppliers in Dubai UAE offer?

No worries if you don’t have an idea about it. Read this entire blog and quickly get some comprehensive knowledge of the hammers.

So, go through this article, and find the hammers with a comfortable grip and weight that suits your needs at their best.

Hammers are Distinct According to the Professional’s Need

With different weights and sizes, hammers are designed for the user’s specific needs. From blacksmithing to carpentry, the hammers provide practical work and completion of tasks on time.

Let us get a list of hammers and see how they are helpful for the users.

Claw and Framing Hammers

With a round head, chain wrench in Dubai UAE best sell claw and framing hammers.

These hammers are essential for prying, tearing drywall, splitting wood, framing, finishing, and demolition.

Ball Peen Hammer

The best hammers for metalworking, punching and riveting, and rounding edges consist of a ball-shaped head at one end and a flat on the other.

Dead Blow Hammer

It’s a special mallet best used for setting joints, installing floorboards, and automotive applications. The dead blow hammers are worthy of striking the surfaces with great force.

The dead blow hammers help prevent the object or the surface from damaging. A dead blow hammer absorbs the shocks that occur while striking the hammer.


The sledgehammers are usually larger than other hammers and are prominently used for driving stakes, demolitions, and breaking stones.

Hammers with long handles and mallet-like heads, sledgehammers are heavier and have longer handles.
Split-Head Hammers

Split-head hammers are available with or without a head; these hammers are the best for crafting, metal-forming, and machining.

Cross Peen Hammers

Cross Peen Hammers has a flat striking face on one side and a wedge-shaped peen on the other. The peen hammer is perpendicular to the handle, making it useful for metalworking, riveting, and shaping.

Club Hammer

Also known as a lump hammer, it is smaller and heavier than a regular hammer. It is often used for light demolition, chiseling, and driving stakes.

Joiner’s Mallet

Joiner’s Mallet features a large, cylindrical wooden head with a sturdy handle. Joiner’s mallets are frequently used in woodworking to strike chisels and drive joints together.


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