In the ever-growing world of manufacturing, technology is developing at a fast speed. New inventions are taking place each day which aids in faster, cheaper and efficient production. So, what you need is the best so that you can leave all your competitors behind. With the advancement of technology, basic industrial tools like electronic torque wrenches also became digitalised.

If we talk about the types of torque wrenches, they can be of mainly two types, analogue and digital. Though both categories include their own boons and bans, we suggest using digital torque wrenches. So let’s discuss the matter with a detailed discussion to maximise the usage of these wrenches. Contact a reputed digital torque wrench supplier in Dubai UAE to get a wide range of products.

Definition of Digital Torque Wrench

A digital torque wrench is a category of wrenches that utilises digital technology. The common feature of any digital torque wrench is a complete digital display with audio feedback signals and electric motors. For this reason, digital torque wrenches can be converted into computers and other industrial appliances. Multiple brands offer digital torque wrenches. Below are the key features of a good digital torque wrench.

A Digital Display

A conventional digital torque wrench utilises a completely digital interface or display. This contains a digital screen which notifies you about the torque value. In some products, there are built-in backlights which help in functioning in low-light situations.

Conventional torque wrenches utilize a needle gauge measurement system which has multiple drawbacks. For this reason, digital torque wrenches offer a huge amount of torque in comparison to manual torque wrenches. Hence it is always better an electronic torque wrench.

Notification System

The next prominent feature of a digital torque wrench is a digital notification system. The notification can come with any kind of digital sound signal including a beep, colourful lights, or even both. This notification offers beneficial feedback to its users. It alerts the user when the needed torque level has been achieved. This is helpful to prevent under-tightening or over-tightening of nuts & bolts. This has great consequences on a product’s security and quality.

Integration & Data Storage

The most essential key feature of a digital torque wrench is whether it can accumulate, acquire, store, or share data or not with other industrial devices. Digital torque wrenches possess a built-in memory system and digital sensors to reserve their torque readings. Some digital torque wrenches also offer a special software suite to supervise and incorporate your wrench into other appliances. Always make sure that you’re buying these wrenches from a reputable wrecking pry bar supplier in Dubai UAE.


Torque wrenches have come a very long way since their inception in the year 1918. Nowadays, digital torque wrenches have become one of the most crucial tools in industrial sectors. We always suggest storing the digital torque wrenches in their case when they’re not in use.
Keep them dry, away from dust, humidity and extreme temperatures. So we hope you like this article. Whenever there is a similar need to buy digital torque wrenches, rely on Abasco Tools. We are one of the most reputable brands which can offer you the right device at the right price. Follow us to learn more.