Metal working is indeed a difficult process and it requires a lot of supportive tools to get conducted well. Water soluble cutting fluid is surely one among them that is highly essential for different metal works. Except making the metal surfaces smooth, it also make the metal parts last longer by lessening the amount of heat and friction.

Since cutting fluid is a type of coolant, it increases machining accuracy and lessen heat that is created during metal working. With a bundle of benefits, cutting fluid are applied for numerous industrial metal cutting procedure. These oils can be get from any reputed metal cutting coolant cutting oil supplier in Dubai UAE. Solet’s dive into the facts that can show us why cutting fluid is a worth buying?

Definition of Cutting Fluids

Cutting fluid is a type of fluid which is used during numerous cutting operations. This fluid is generally applied in numerous machining jobs including milling, drilling, cutting, turning etc. Cutting fluids are utilised to boost the lifespan and cutting condition of a tool. Cutting fluids are generally liquid but can be available in gaseous form too.

Though cutting fluids function as a coolant, they are a little different from coolant as the main function of cutting fluids is to prevent heat generation during the machining procedure. Apart from that cutting fluids also lessen the friction between the two objects. Cutting fluid is applied in a liquid form to the chip zone in metal cutting procedure.


  • Cutting fluids protect tools from rust and corrosion. Metal cutting and machining are strenuous jobs which may create rust formation in the tools. But application of cutting fluids ensure zeo rust formation.
  • The next benefit of cutting fluid is its operator friendliness. Cutting fluids are very gentle on hands. Hence, applying these oils can not harm your hands.
  • Cutting fluids are water soluble. These fluids can make long-lasting emulsion in water up to 600 ppm hardness.
  • Another incredible benefit of cutting fluids is they remain their real form for longer time. These oils retain their physical features for longer times and do not decompose their form. This make these old get a longer she life.
  • Metal cutting is a process that include so many chemical formation. But cutting oils are made with safe materials. This make these oils completely bio resistant and safe for nature.
  • The next notable benefit of applying cutting fluids to the metal machining procedure is they can help in getting an extraordinary finishing of the metal surfaces. Metal cutting processes like drilling, cutting and turning can make metal surfaces uneven. But applying cutting fluids can help in getting a smooth finishing of the metal surfaces.
  • Another fascinating aspect of cutting fluids is they are free from any chemical substances. These oils don’t contain phenol, silicone, chlorine, nitrite, and heavy metal in them. This make these oils 100% safe for our environment.
  • Apart from all these cuttings fluids have good flushing conditions.

Why Choosing The Right Cutting Oil is Crucial?

When we talk about the selection of the right cutting fluid, we must say that it is very crucial to choose the right cutting fluid. This is because it can affect the numerous aspect of modern production structure. Let’s quickly see the aspects which can be impacted by an appropriate selection of correct soluble cutting fluid.

  • The comfort, well-being and health of machine operators.
  • Machine cleanliness
  • Disposal expenditure
  • Goods quality
  • Manufacturing atmosphere

Types of Soluble Cutting Fluid

Soluble cutting fluids are generally three types.

Synthetic Soluble Cutting Fluid

Synthetic soluble cutting fluid are a category of cutting oil that are made with synthetic additives. Those additives should be mixed with other components to form a clear liquid lubricant. Synthetic cutting fluids are used for drilling, slotting, tapping, reaming etc.

Semi-Synthetic Cutting Fluid

The next category of cutting fluid is semi-synthetic cutting fluid. Semi-synthetic fluids contain lubricating additives, mineral oil, and sometimes a dye. Semi-synthetix fluids are used for sawing, boring, coaching, grinding, slotting, milling etc.

Milky Cutting Fluids

Milky cutting fluids is a white emulsion that contain mineral oils and water. In procedures like turning, boring, grinding, tapping, and  sawing, milky cutting fluids are used. You can get these oils by any top dial bore gage supplier in UAE.


Holding so much importance in metal machining, it is crucial to use the right cutting fluids. So, write your thoughts at our comment box about this article.