Gloves made with PU have various benefits. Their urethane polymer composition provides them a great deal of flexibility that the user appreciates; the material’s thinness functions as a second skin and enables outstanding dexterity and a decent grip, both required for precise movements and handling. As a v-metal cutting coolant cutting oil supplier in Dubai UAE helps the machines to run swiftly like that the gloves are essential to prevent accidents. 

PU gloves’ anti-abrasive qualities, especially PU-coated textile gloves, are compelling. PU work gloves are perfect for exemplary handling, such as assembly parts, because the PU material offers high skill and a wonderful sense of touch. But these are not all as PU-coated gloves have other benefits, too, and in this article, they are all assembled.

Benefits of Using PU-Coated Gloves

Tactility and Dexterity

PU-coated gloves offer superb tactility and dexterity. Workers can touch small, delicate things without removing their gloves and do precise operations.

Grip Improvement

These gloves include a PU covering that enhances grip on dry and wet surfaces. This is very useful when managing slick or oily items at work.

Abrasion Resistance

The abrasion resistance of PU-coated gloves is well recognized. They are solid and long-lasting because they can tolerate friction and wear.


Lightweight and flexible PU-coated gloves provide outstanding comfort throughout extended use. Reduced hand fatigue and better productivity may result from this comfort.


Many PU-coated gloves feature a breathable back or liner that promotes airflow and lessens perspiration. This keeps hands cozy and lowers the possibility of skin discomfort.


Wearing PU-coated gloves allows workers to keep high sensitivity in their fingertips, which is essential for jobs that call for a delicate touch or sense of touch.

Protection Against Contact Dermatitis

PU-coated gloves can serve as a barrier against substances that may irritate or aggravate the skin and allergens, lowering the chance of developing contact dermatitis and other skin disorders.


 PU-coated gloves tend to be less expensive than certain other varieties of coated gloves, making them a sensible option for businesses.

Elastic Cuffs

Many PU-coated gloves have elastic cuffs, offering a snug fit and preventing dirt and liquids from getting into the glove.

Reduced Hand Injuries

In various industrial conditions, PU-coated gloves reduce the risk of hand injuries by protecting against minor cuts, abrasions, and punctures.


PU-coated gloves are appropriate for various tasks, including assembly work, the manufacture of electronics, auto repair, and general maintenance.


Some PU-coated gloves are available in various hues, aiding organization and task-specific use during multi-step operations.

Selecting the appropriate type of PU-coated gloves for a particular task and work environment is crucial to maximizing their benefits. Moreover, conducting regular inspections and maintenance to detect signs of wear and tear is imperative to guarantee sustained protection and optimal performance. That is why using these gloves is essential before using Vernier caliper suppliers in UAE or even the framing hammers.