It’s essential to keep a few plumbing tools on hand and other tools like coating thickness gauge supplier in Dubai UAE, hammers, screwdrivers, chain wrenches, etc. At some point, you’ll likely encounter a situation or crisis that demands using a plumbing tool such as a wrench, drill, or other specialty tools.

With these tools readily available, you can easily tackle any plumbing issue, whether it’s a simple clogged drain or a more challenging problem like leaks or cracks in pipes. Trust that you have the resources to get the job done right.

But if you are in the plumbing industry, you must have experience cutting various types of pipes. Want to know the various ways to cut the pipes? Then, there are a lot of pipes that help you cut your home’s pipes.

Different Tools Which Are Used to Cut Pipes

Pipe cutter

Regarding plumbing, pipe cutters are essential for cutting water, sanitary, or sewer pipes. The most commonly used pipe cutters are the solid, hook, and chain types. A pipe cutter typically consists of cutting reels, a moving reel base, a screw, and adjusting handles.

 The moving reel’s base can be adjusted to fit the specific pipe size with the help of an adjusting screw handle. The pipe is then cut by a rotating cutter that surrounds it.

Pipe wrench

When it comes to turning iron pipes, pipe wrenches are the tool for the job. It’s crucial to handle PVC with care when utilizing these tools to prevent damage to the plastic pipe. You’ll find that these wrenches come equipped with either smooth or serrated jaws, depending on your grip requirements.

Basin wrench

The basin wrench or the sink wrench has the characteristic of a long handle, which helps make the work effective to reach the pipes in tight and even minor places. The head of this tool is designed in such a way that it helps in grasping while working.

Pipe bending machine

The pipe bending machine is a versatile tool that can bend pipes to different angles according to specific requirements. Depending on the size of the pipes, either a hand-operated or hydraulic pipe bending machine can be utilized to achieve the desired results.

Smaller pipes are bent using the hand-operated machine, while larger pipes require the hydraulic machine for efficient bending.

Threading dies

Threading dies is essential to creating durable and reliable joints between pipes. They can create threads on various materials, including steel and plastic pipes.


The hacksaw is an essential cutting plumbing tool that effortlessly cuts through plastic pipes, steel hollow roads, thin sheets, angles, and more. It comprises a handle, frame, blade, and adjustable wing screw for easy handling and precision cutting.

The cutting operation involves a forward stroke and a reverse stroke for idle repositioning. Hand-operated hacksaws are ideal for site work, while power hacksaws are more suited for workshop tasks.

So, these are some of the tools that help cut the pipes of your house and also help in working effectively for your piping system.