Having a car is equal to having a pet. There is no doubt that a car is an asset, but the issue is that you must maintain it well. You must do so to avoid spending a lot of money on it. It is inconvenient, and you don’t want that, right? So what’s the solution? You better know how to repair or maintain your car by yourself rather than spending a monthly budget on it. Sounds interesting? Before that, you must have specific tools to help you fix your car issues. And if you have some tools that need lubricant to prevent friction, feel free to use a air tools supplier in Dubai UAE

There are a lot of tools out in the market which are essential for maintaining the car. From screwdriver to hex key, you must have all. But let’s be honest; we can only have some of the tools as we are not mechanics. That is why we gathered all the vital and standard tools that will help you do the essential repair or maintenance. So read till the end and hope you will get the information that is needed for you.

Tools Essential for the Car Maintenance

Socket Set

A quality socket set is the first item on any list of auto tools. Standard and metric sizes, 3/8-inch, 1/4-inch, and even 1/2-inch drivers and sockets, are all part of a good mechanics tool set. In some circumstances, extensions and thin-walled sockets are also helpful. Choose the fully equipped socket set; it’s a terrific starter or grease monkey kit.

Spark Plug Wrench

Another essential tool to have in your car is a spark plug wrench. It is the tool you should always have on hand if you need to tighten or remove your engine’s spark plug. It is intended exclusively for use with spark plugs, which have a universal shape. Although they can be used as emergency replacements, an adjustable wrench, and a spanner shouldn’t be used interchangeably since they could harm the threads on a spark plug.


Although there are many different spanners, combination spanners are unquestionably very practical. Here, one end is open-ended, while the other has a correspondingly sized closed ring. The open end can be helpful in areas with restricted access, but it is prone to slipping because it only engages the bolt or nut twice. The fastener and your knuckles will likely sustain injury if they slip. The golden rule is to use a ring spanner rather than an open-end. You can also have hand wire brush supplier in dubai uaefor your work efficiency.

Torque Wrench

By properly tightening nuts, you can avoid damaging the bolt, avoid slippage, and make future nut removal easier with a torque wrench—a specialized ratchet. When installing tires, for instance, a torque wrench is used to ensure that each lug is tightened to the same degree. To use one, merely tighten until you hear two clicks after adjusting the setting to the appropriate torque. To remove nuts, use an impact wrench or breaker bar rather than this instrument.

These are some of the tools you should have when planning to maintain your car. Some essential tools you must have are screwdrivers, pliers, wire cutters, etc. All these tools are essential when planning to maintain your car all by yourself.