Are you associated with garment making and designing? Then tape measure is one of the most vital tools for your business. No matter how perfectly you select the fabric, colour or thread, the key to making gorgeous clothing is the necessary tools like a tape measure. This is because the basic measurement of the customer’s figure is more vital than the thread and fabric.

After all, no one can craft a beautiful piece of dress without precise measurements. No matter how perfect the thread or fabric you select, nothing can fix improper measurement. So below are some notable factors to examine while selecting a tape measure for sewing. Assessing these factors can help you realise why these factors affect the tape’s efficacy. Contact a measuring tape supplier in Dubai UAE to buy these tapes.

The Categories of Tape Measure

The first thing which needs to be assessed well before selecting a tape measure is the model type. Tape measure is available in a diverse range such as flexible tape measure, exposed tape measure, encased tape measure, and retractable tape measure.

Each of these tape measures includes a specific benefit. Flexible tapes help to measure a person’s curves quicker, retractable tapes are ideal for conserving storage areas as well as yielding precise outcomes. So, as per your requirement, you can select the most suitable one over the other.


The next big matter of consideration while buying a PI tape is its material. We all want to use a tool that won’t tear, stretch and shrink easily after repeated use. Otherwise, it can warp over time and offer improper measurement. So, always try to select PI tapes made up of reinforced vinyl-coated fibreglass. This is because these materials won’t stretch or break down easily making sure of delivering accurate measurements.

Additional Features

Are you in search of an effective tape measure? Then you must take a PI tape that includes some additional features. Now what are they? For instance, always select a tape measure with a crotch card or crotch piece if you take multiple inseam measurements. Do you measure a population of tall and wide objects? If yes, then you might need to choose a tape with additional length. If you are interested in self-measurement, then waist and body tape or inseam tape are ideal for your needs.

Measurement & Colour

The next in the queue of most considerable factors of buying tape measure is the colour and measurement of the tape. Remember the background of the tape measure can greatly affect your capacity to read the surface and markings on them. So always choose a tape with high contrast like black on white or white on black etc.


The last but not the least considerable factor in buying a tape measure is the quality. It is a very crucial factor because cheaply made tape measures can degrade more quickly over time than the others. This is because the key markings on them get faded and the tape loses its shape. In such situations, discovering the proper try square supplier in Dubai UAE who sticks to quality is necessary. So that you end up buying a quality product.


So, always consider these factors well whenever you’re buying measuring tapes. Assessing these factors can help you get the most suitable products for your needs. If you are looking forward to buying the best quality tape measure, always choose the brand Abasco Tools. This is because we are the most reputable supplier of high-grade industrial tools. Contact us now.