Do you know anything about PU-coated gloves in UAE? How is polyurethane leather helpful for individuals using fire extinguishers?

The PU gloves are safety gloves designed with the help of polyurethane coating and yarn. Today, we will learn about the advantages of PU-coated gloves during the use of fire extinguishers.

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PU Coated Gloves are Quite Safe

There are many advantages of wearing polyurethane gloves during the use of fire extinguishers; let us check a few benefits here,

Heat Resistant

Because PU-coated gloves are made to resist heat, they can be used to handle objects and machinery in hot settings.

PU coating helps shield the hands from heat-related injuries when utilizing fire extinguishers because there is a chance that they will come into contact with hot surfaces.


PU-coated gloves are renowned for their flexibility and dexterity. The gloves enable the user to operate fire extinguishers successfully because they allow precise movements and finger sensitivity; this is crucial for controlling the extinguisher’s valves, levers, and triggers smoothly and precisely.

Perfect Grip

Even in greasy or rainy situations, gloves’ PU covering offers excellent grip. When using fire extinguishers, this is essential since it ensures a firm grip on the apparatus, reduces the possibility of slippage and enhances overall control when in use.

Abrasion Resistant

Gloves with PU coatings provide good abrasion resistance, shielding hands from rough or pointed surfaces.

There may be times when the hands come into contact with trash, sharp edges, or abrasive materials while using a fire extinguisher or fighting a fire. The PU coating lessens the possibility of abrasions, wounds, or scratches.
Chemical Resistant

Various PU coating varieties offer resistance to solvents and chemicals. When handling fire extinguishers containing chemical agents, choosing gloves with the appropriate coatings might add an extra layer of protection, even though not all PU-coated gloves offer this capability.


Gloves with PU coatings are renowned for their strength and resistance to abrasion. Polyurethane gloves suit demanding environments like firefighting since they can survive repeated use. The coating contributes to the gloves’ increased longevity and lower replacement frequency.

Breathability and Comfort

Gloves with PU coating are frequently thin, pliable, and breathable, making them ideal for prolonged periods of pleasant wear.

The gloves are crucial in firefighting circumstances where the user may have to work for an extended period. The gloves’ breathability reduces excessive perspiration and discomfort.

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