With a complete digital display, advanced notification system and easy data storage capacity, electronic torque trenches are a must-have for industrial sectors. When compared to analogue torque wrenches, digital torque wrenches include a myriad of benefits.

Though analogue torque wrenches are cheaper than digital ones, they are not suitable for professional industrial usage. For advanced industrial use, it is important to use electronic torque wrenches instead of relying on analogue wrenches. If you still are thinking about why you should buy digital torque wrenches, the below segment will clear all your doubts. Contact a reputed tools supplier in UAE Dubai to get a wide range of products.

Better Accuracy

The very first advantage of using digital torque wrenches is their capacity to offer better precision than analogue wrenches. The entire credit goes to the computerised nature of these wrenches. The users can specify their required torque in either Newton meters or other commonly utilised units. On the other hand, analogue torque wrenches completely rely on the intuition of the user to calculate the given torque. This makes analogue torque wrenches likely to over-tighten or under-tighten.

Consistent Data Storage

Another crucial benefit of digital torque wrenches is their capacity to store collected information. Digital torque wrenches of many brands can store their use history within their memory system. Additionally, this information can also be disseminated into computers so that it can be shared with your full team. This characteristic is surely handy for ensuring quality control and future audit goals.

Digital Response

Digital torque wrenches are equipped with a comprehensive digital notification system, utilizing built-in sound and light features to alert users when the desired torque value is achieved. This sophisticated system effectively prevents the risks associated with both under-torquing and over-torquing. Under-torquing, leading to loose nuts and bolts, poses serious safety concerns, while over-torquing can result in damaged nuts, reducing their lifespan due to excessive pressure.

To ensure optimal torque management and tool performance, it is crucial to invest in high-quality equipment. Choosing a reliable supplier, such as a reputable Crowfoot Wrench supplier in UAE, enhances the efficiency and longevity of torque wrenches. This strategic selection not only mitigates safety hazards but also reinforces the overall reliability of the equipment, contributing to a secure and durable tooling solution.


Another great feature of the digital torque wrench is its user-friendly surface. These devices are normally available with digital surfaces where all the numbers are displayed clearly. In contrast, analogue torque wrenches use a conventional gauge with a needle indicating minuscule numbers. Sometimes, the user even needs to wink their eyes to see the numbers well.

This means that the user requires more action and time to review the measurements while being more likely to mistakes at the same time. But digital torque wrenches have built-in lights which can help in better visibility of the readings even in low light environments. Whether you are in a poorly lit room repairing the underneath of a car or simply functioning at night, digital torque wrenches suit every situation well. Always buy your torque wrenches from a reputed digital torque wrench supplier in Dubai UAE.


So, these are some prominent benefits of digital torque wrenches. If you are in search of high-quality digital torque trenches, always opt for Abasco Tools. This is because we are the top supplier and importer of best quality hand tools, precision tools and industrial tools. No matter what the needs are, we guarantee sure fulfilment of your needs. Contact us to know more.