Drainage issues are the nastiest thing ever. Perhaps, for the experts, it’s a left-handed job to deal with. While talking about the plumbing experts, a question arose in my mind., “what do plumbers use the various tools for clogged drains”?

Experts buy the best non-sparking tools in Dubai, UAE, for handling plumbing issues. But there is a list of other tools available for cleaning clogged drains.

This blog will share some incredible tools supplied by the best workshop tool suppliers in Dubai, UAE.

So, continue reading this fantastic write-up, and soothe your curiosity now.

Cleaning of Drains is Possible With These Tools

Clogged drains are problematic for everyone. So, professional help must be hired to clear this issue as early as possible.

There are workshop tools suppliers in Dubai, UAE, that supply quality tools for drainage cleaning procedures. So, keep reading this,


Plungers are the tools mostly used to drain clogs in showers and sinks. These tools are the best in suction and release backup for fixing drainage issues quickly.

The plungers are available in various sizes in the market; you can choose according to your demand.

Manual Drain Snake

The manual drain snake is a long cable with an end. The handle of the manual drain snake is used to give a bend to the line through the drain.

The end of the cable is initially entered into a drain; then, a crank is used to push the line through the drain; at the end, the clog is cleaned by moving the cable into the clog.

Motorized Drain Snake

The motorized drain snake works like a manual drain snake. This tool is available in both types, wired and cordless. The motorized drain snake works best for larger pipes and daunting clogs.

Most plumbers in Dubai use the motorized drain snake tool to push better through pipe build-up.

Pipe Cameras

With immense technology, the workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE supply pipe cameras to quickly inspect clogged drains.

Pipe cameras are connected to a cable, and the line operates throughout the drain, followed by a video camera fit onto it.

This tool can quickly inspect the internal drain, and the plumbers can conveniently analyze which device they use to clean the clog.

A proper inspection of the severity of the clog is possible with the pipe cameras.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that the tools used for unclogging the drains are pretty worthy of performing all the necessary maneuvers. If you are into the plumbing business and require the tools needed for your workshop, connect with Abasco Tools, and have great tools at affordable prices.