What do you know about a perfect cutting tool material? Did you ever use an endmill cutter? Have you contacted the best carbide endmill supplier in Dubai, UAE?

If you have not yet tried the best endmill cutter tool, let’s introduce you to it now. Read this blog, and get enticing details on superb cutting tool materials.  So, continue with the write-up and enhanced information below,

Check Something on Effective Endmill Materials

Before moving toward the materials used in designing endmills and other cutting tools, let us know something about endmills.

If you have been to a professional workshop, you might have experienced a variety of tools available there. Many tool suppliers, like bench vice suppliers in Dubai UAE, distribute a perfect array of tools to the industries.

Today we are going to find something on endmill tools. So, let’s get started now.

Endmills help make shapes and holes in a workpiece or an object. Various operations include counterboring, profiling, slotting, milling, reaming applications, etc.

With the cutting teeth on the edges and face of the tool, endmills are designed to cut a variety of materials. Endmill has a quality of cutting in various directions.

The best workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE provide the best endmill tools for fast cuts and higher rigidity. Short-end mills with large diameters work at a faster pace. There are various types of endmills,

Square Endmills

These are used for general milling operations, and involves slotting, plunge cutting, etc.

Ball Endmills

For slotting, pocketing, milling contoured surfaces, etc. are some of the operations that requires ball endmills. These endmills are also known as ball nose end mills.

Keyway Endmills

The keyway endmills have a undersized cutting diameters designed to produce a tight fit between slots to perform well with key stock or other components.

Types of Materials Used to Design Endmills

High Speed Steel (HSS)

This material used in endmills provide a great wear resistance. The HSS is less expensive than cobalt, and carbide. For general purpose milling operations, High Speed Steel works at the best.


Carbide endmill suppliers in Dubai UAE focuses on supplying solid carbide endmills that are higher in rigidity when compared to High-Speed Steel. These endmills are used for high-speed applications on the materials like cast iron, plastics, non ferreous materials, as carbide endmills are brilliantly heat resistant.


Cobalt has hot hardenability, and strength better than High-Speed Steel, and provides better wear resistance. For machine cast iron, titanium alloys, and steel, this is a cost-friendly material.

Polycrystalline Diamond(PCD)

PCD is a synthetic diamond that has wear and shock resistance features. The Polycrystalline Diamond helps in cutting plastics, non-ferrous materials ,etc.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that the type of materials used in designing an endmill are high quality. You can buy a variety of endmills prepared with these elements easily at Abasco Tools, and get the best tools at reasonable rates.