Are you planning to expand your tool kit? Regardless of your job, having the correct tools in your bag will ensure you finish your tasks seamlessly and effectively. Whether you want to loosen bolts or fasten pipes, every purpose has a different set of tools. This post will discuss a variety of wrenches for you to use. To understand when to use a chain wrench, keep reading.

Essential Wrench Varieties To Explore

Building your tool kit demands special knowledge about each instrument you invest in, its purpose, and how it can help you.

Pipe Wrench:

Starting from basics, you can use pipe wrenches to take apart or secure pipes and pipe units. Comprising a rough steel jaw, many call it the monkey wrench. Commonly used by plumbers, they come with serrated jaws that you can adjust and tighten. These wrenches have teeth that grip upon moving the wrench in a single direction. You may find them in countless size varieties.

Open-end Wrench:

This wrench style is another standard option that you may find in every automobile or mechanic shop. With a U-shaped opening at one end, it offers you countless sizes. The opening can fit numerous metric and SAE bolts and nuts. If you plan to buy this, you can explore other options like RSK precision level in UAE Dubai.

Adjustable Wrench

Every household consists of adjustable wrenches and has another name called a crescent wrench. It has one open end with a jaw in the shape of a crescent, which you can close or open by turning the spiral screw present in its head. Once you place it around the item, you can loosen or tighten it like a strap wrench. You can replace the open-end wrenches with this single adjustable wrench, saving you considerable space.

Chain Wrench:

Does your job demand you to unfasten or secure pipes of a greater diameter? If so, find the best chain wrench to complete this task. This tool comprises a chain that can grip or surround more oversized items. The handle, which connects with the chain, also secures the chain.

Allen Wrench

These are L-shaped hexagonal bars that are ideal for fastening or loosening screws and other fasteners. Each bar has a compatible screw or fasteners with hexagonal holes that they can fit into to unscrew or tighten. These tools are perfect for tautening and installing fasteners for furniture.

Socket Wrench:

Also known as a ratchet, a socket wrench employs a ratcheting mechanism to enable you to unscrew or fasten bolts and nuts without removing the wrench repeatedly to do the job. You can find multiple drive sizes, including 1, 0.25, 0.5, and 0.375 inch. You can choose a desirable socket size to fit on your drive. Buy only the top-quality wrenches from a reliable supplier of RSK precision level in UAE Dubai.


Every tool type comes in various forms to fit your required purpose. When talking about wrenches, they have numerous types and styles to suit your requirements. Moreover, while you need to insert, a male wrench, into the fastener’s heads, others fit on top of the screw, a female wrench, to loosen or fasten the objects.