Those who are in the electrical trade are aware of different insulation procedures for wires and cables. To conserve, insulate, and guard the wiring network, pressure-sensitive instruments are a must. PI tape or polyimide Tape is one of those tools. Also known as Kapton tape, PI tapes are famous for their extensive benefits. They have across-the-board applications in both domestic and professional domains.

These tapes are available in diverse types to suit a wide range of uses. Polyimide tapes are varied in terms of uses and diameter. Each take has its own particular use. Hence most people get confused between the PI tapes and Kapton tapes. For a better understanding, we might say that both polyimide tape and Kapton tape are the same thing. Kapton tape is a type of polyimide tape or a brand-name version of Kapton tape.

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Definition & Benefits of PI Tapes

Polyimide tapes very crucial tool in any electrical toolbox. PI tapes are brown high-temperature tapes made up of polyacrylonitrile plastic film as a substrate. PI tapes include a coating of organic silicone or acrylic pressure-sensitive sealant. PI tapes are famous for their washability, excellent adhesion, gold and amber colour, and enormous heat resistance.

Corrosion resistance, anti-electromagnetic radiation, and electrical insulation (H-class) are some other features of PI tapes. PI tapes are one of the most heat-resistant adhesives available in the market. It can function at the highest strength over a span of high temperatures. That’s too without failing its adhesiveness or leaving scrap residue. On top of everything, Pi tapes include extraordinary insulation properties and chemical resistance.

No substances like acids or oils can affect the efficacy of these tapes. The most fascinating feature of these tapes is their capacity to maintain a consistent temperature of many electrical components. For this reason, a lot of industries use this tape. This is to make sure that their electronics don’t fall below the needed temperature.

What PI Tapes Are Used For?

All the above-mentioned benefits make these tapes suitable for different chores. What are they? They are the following.

  • PCB circuit board
  • Wave soldering machines
  • Tin shielding of electronic machines
  • Maintenance of gold fingers
  • High-end household appliance insulation
  • Motor insulation
  • Proper fixing of positive and negative electrodes of lithium batteries

Who Uses Polyimide Tape?

People from different sectors use polyimide tape as one of the major components. They like to use this tape due to its heat resistance and enormous strength. Below are some common sectors which use PI tapes in a notable range. You can buy these tapes from any vernier calliper supplier in UAE.

  • Automotive technicians
  • Spacecraft manufacturers
  • Electricians
  • 3D printing technique users
  • Construction workers
  • The aircraft sector
  • Manufacturing sectors

In general, any industry which deals with electronics can benefit from the utilisation of PI tapes. While some people utilise it for insulation, others may like it for chemical resistance. In an overall application, the PI tape is contemplated to be unbeatable in many sectors.


So, these are some most common facts about PI tapes. These tapes are famous because they are available in multiple forms. They can be laminated, metalised, and even are available in punch form. This means you can give them any of your desired shapes. All these reasons are there behind the immense popularity and functionality of these tapes.

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