The invention of different tools makes our lives easier with their efficacy. Those who belong to the wood industry know how beneficial a try bar is. It is a kind of tool that holds immense importance in the wood carving industry.

Though there is a wide range of tools available for wood care, try bars are the most common and used among them. So let’s take a closer look at different factors associated with try square. Contact any Try square supplier in Dubai UAE to buy the best products.

What is Try Square?

Try a square is a type of woodworking tool that aids in marking and inspecting 90° angle in wooden objects. The name Try Square comes from the idea of reviewing the straightness of the adjacent surfaces. In addition, the square in the name refers to the device’s 90° angle. Utilising a try square is simple, even for an amateur.

Try squares are generally made up of wood or steel. Try square features steel blades and wooden handles too. The blade includes either metric or imperial graduation or even both systems at a time. But why do people use try squares? Well, the below segment will answer the query.

Utilisation of Try Square

When it comes to the matter of application, the uses of try squares do not vary significantly. Below are some common uses to try square.

  • Marking 90° Angles

Try square is used to check and mark the right angles in metalworking and woodworking.

  • Measurement

Try squares are excellent in taking an accurate measurement of the object using the blade markings.

  • Assessing Squareness

Try square can measure the accuracy of the corners of any object and make sure that the surfaces are vertical.

  • Layout Work

Try square is a tool that can be useful in layout work. Such as scribing straight lines and assessing the accuracy of other tools.

  • Quality Control

Try square can ensure the accuracy of assembled or machined elements.

Parts of A Try Square

The parts of a try square are the following.

  • Blade

The first part of a try square is the blade. The blade is nothing but the long arm of the try square. It helps in marking and measuring any object.

  • Handle or Stock

Handle or stock is the shorter arm of a try square that remains perpendicular to its blade and shapes a right angle.

  • Stock Base

The stock base is the bottom surface of the try square which rests against the object.

Types of Try Squares

Try squares are varied in terms of shape, size and use. What are they? Below are the answers.

  • Woodworking Try Square

The first category of try squares is woodworking try squares. These try squares include a wooden stock. Most people in the woodworking sectors use these try squares to mark and check the right angles.

  • Metalworking Try Square

The next category of try squares is metalworking try squares. As the name implies, metalworking try squares have a metal stock. This makes these squares 0strong and rigorous. These squares are beneficial for machining and metalworking.

  • Combination Try Squares

The third category is combination try square which features an extra 45° angle. For this reason, these squares offer enormous versatility for numerous tasks.

Grades of Try Squares

Try squares are available in different grades too based on their structure and accuracy. Let’s take a dig at the types of try squares in terms of grades.

  • Carpenter Grade

The first category is carpenter grade which is accurate for general woodworking tasks. But these squares can not meet the needs of machining.

  • Machinist Grade

The second category is machinist grade try squares. These try squares are known for their precision and appropriateness for different marching or metalworking tasks. You can buy these try squares from any reputed Tools suppliers in UAE Dubai UAE.


So, here in this blog post, we discussed the key factors associated with try squares. Such as definition, extensive types, and utilisation. Always remember that the reliability and accuracy of try squares are crucial to get the perfect results. Hence the king those tools are most crucial. If you are also in search of industrial-grade try squares for any need, contact Abasco Tools. Our wide range of tool collections can help you get the best solution for your needs.