What is a file? Which sort of tool is that? Have you ever used a hand file as a professional? Don’t worry if you are unaware of a file tool.
We will calm your questions arising in your mind with our perfect answers. So, hold your breath and read the blog till the end for understanding better about a file.

A File is a Brilliant Tool to Work With

So, before turning to our topic, let us know about a file. What is a file? A tool used to smoothen any material by shaping and finishing is known as a file tool.
The best stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE deliver perfect file tools to clients. A file is used to smooth the rough edges of an object. Do you know about parts of a file?

Let us explore this interesting topic, and gain some learning through this.


The tang is a long spur at its end without any teeth cut on it. The tang of a hand file fits inside the handle. Handles are always useful for avoiding injuries and providing comfort while performing a task.


A close part of the tang is the file heel. This is also known as Shoulder. The file heel is found at the starting point of the body of a file. The heel doesn’t involve any cuts of teeth.


The face of a hand file is the main area of work. The shape of the file determines its face. The heel face is also known as the side or belly.


An integral part of the file is their teeth. The cut of the teeth in a hand file defines its authenticity. Cutting long lines in a file blank helps in creating the teeth of a file.


A thin surface between the face of the file is the edges of a hand file. The thick side of a file is known as the edges of a file.


The point is the end part of a file. Opposite the tang, this part is also known as the toe. This part while being used always point toward your workpiece.

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With a blend of these superb parts, the hand file has always been useful for woodwork, and other tasks of finishing.

The hand file is made up of chrome-alloy, water hardened, high carbon steel to be hard to cut into different metals. A strong tool with a higher wear resistance is always admired by a professional.

The Conclusion

The bottom line suggests that a file is an amazing tool used for the purpose of finishing, woodworking, and other tasks. The perfect parts of this tool make it great for performing the tasks effectively. We offer you with a wide range of hand file supplier in Dubai UAE.