A professional electrician works with various electrical devices in homes or commercial buildings. That is why they have to work with various types of the electrical tester. Thus, along with the other portable devices like ultrasonic thickness gauges, they also have various electrical testers in their tool bag.

What is an electrical tester? An electric tester is a tool mainly used to calculate various electrical parameters, from the current and voltage to the resistance, etc. There are various types of the electrical tester present in the market. Are you aware of any of them? If not, here is the list which shows the most common variety of the electric tester you have ever heard of.

Various Types of Electrical Testers


Multimeters are a highly versatile type of electrical tester that can perform a wide range of testing functions. They can provide precise and accurate resistance readings, as well as AC and DC voltage.

Additionally, multimeters can test for continuity, capacitance, and frequency, making them a precious tool for electrical testing. Multimeters can provide all of the information offered by other types of electrical testers, making them an essential tool for any professional electrician.

Clamp meter

The digital clamp meters are specialized tool professionals use to measure electrical current. They combine the features of multimeter with a current sensor and have clamping jaws for a safe grip on wire conductors. They are slightly more expensive than a multimeter but offers enhanced functionality and safety features.


Ohmmeters are tools that measure the energy used by an electric load. This energy is the power consumed by electrical appliances over a certain period. It can be used in domestic and industrial circuits to measure power consumption. The Ohmmeter works by converting electrical energy into mechanical work.

Non-contact voltage tester

Inductance or non-contact voltage testers are the safest way to check for voltage in devices and wires. They are also the easiest to use. With a non-contact tester, you can check for voltage without touching any parts or wires.

Voltage tester

It’s important to note that voltage testers can detect the presence of voltage. However, they are only sometimes accurate and can pick up phantom voltage. It’s not recommended to rely solely on these tools to determine if a wire is hot. Electricians mostly use them for wire tracing rather than as safety devices.

Thus, you can find these types of electrical testers in the market. Whether it’s an electrical tester or even a portable hardness tester supplier in Dubai UAEyou take good care of your safety. Wear all the safety measures before using any of the tools. We hope this article is informative for you and you will get the best electrical tester according to your choice.