Hand tools are the most prominently used tools in terms of some everyday problems at home. Professionals use them frequently while performing a task. Hand tools do not require a motor to work. The tools are easy to handle and accomplish the goals. Bearing Puller Supplier in Dubai UAE these devices are the best friend for a professional mechanic or a household. Common tasks are easily performed by hand tools. So, do you know what all tools belong to the hand tools category? Let us have a clear view below.

Hand Tools bring Convenience to the Users

Workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE are providing various hand tools for separate purposes. Have you ever studied hand tools? If not, then we are here to give you proper information about the devices. Have a glimpse of some of the tools.

Chain Tongs

Chain tongs are a part of types of a wrench. This hand tool is used for holding cylinders, pipes, and some de-shaped objects. The devices are made up of ample components like a handle, chain, hooking slot, and gripping teeth. The Chain tongs have specially designed heads to turn the wrench and perform the toughest jobs in any direction.

Adjustable Spanner

A perfect hand tool with rounded corners is the best for avoiding the concentration of pressure on the fastening elements. An easier level of adjustment is possible with this hand tool. The best Workshop tools suppliers in Dubai UAE provide spanners or wrenches with a chrome-nickel finish to avoid corrosion. This hand tool has thinner clamps that allow access in narrow areas.

Pipe Wrench

A pipe wrench is a hand tool designed to turn the pipe fittings and threaded pipe for assembling and disassembling. With lightweight aluminum, this device provides professional strength. The durability of the pipe wrench is awesome and it is easy to use.

Strap Wrench

The strap wrench is a strong and woven strap with a nylon polyurethane coating. This helps in making the strap have a tight grip. The wrench belt is made up of non-marrying nylon. It prevents the finished surfaces from scratches and damage.


The two-armed internal and external puller is another hand tool with twin legs. The twin legs are useful in the fast removal of pulleys, bearing puller supplier in Dubai UAE, and wheels. The reversible legs of the puller are strong enough for internal and external pulling.

Chrome Socket

An excellent hand tool for general mechanical work, and automotive maintenance. The tools are made up of high-quality alloy steel with an exclusive design to allow more torque. A thin wall of the sockets allows clearance in hand torquing used in general applications.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that hand tools are quite important for professionals as well as for residential purposes. Different sorts of devices support various tasks to be performed in a convenient way.