Electricians need some special tools so that they can do their jobs smoothly. As their job is risky, their tool bag should include all the heavy-duty tools and also some high-technology tools. That is why they should get their hand tools from the best  hand tools supplier in UAE  to work carefully.

As an electrician, you must have complete knowledge about the tools you use and ensure they are of the highest quality. Confidence in your abilities is vital, but it is equally essential to be well-versed in safety measures and proper usage techniques to avoid any potential dangers or accidents that could be fatal. If you are confused about which tools are best for you, here are some suggestions you can keep in your collection.

Tools That Are Essential for the Electrician

Non-contract Voltage Tester

A voltage tester is the most critical specialized electrical tool you can buy. Before you work on an electrical line or gadget, use a voltage tester to ensure no current flows to it quickly. Non-contact voltage testers are the easiest and safest because they run on batteries and can detect electricity near a wire or outlet slot.


Electricians frequently utilize lineman’s pliers, which are a staple of any toolbox. The capacity to strip the wire back is the primary distinction between a standard pair of pliers and linesman pliers for electricians. These are necessary because they will aid in connecting two sections of wire and ductile material.

Electrical Tape

Wires and other objects that conduct electricity can be insulated with electrical tape. Alternatively called electrical or insulation tape, this pressure-sensitive, self-adhesive material is designed to withstand heat, moisture, and abrasion while safeguarding the delicate conducting core in electrical wiring.

Electric Drill

To access wiring and other electrical components, electricians frequently install new lighting fixtures or must deconstruct hardware that has already been installed. These jobs can be completed more quickly with a portable electric drill equipped with various bits. This also enables experts to attach specialized drill bits in a particular industry.


It’s essential to locate the light fixtures precisely while installing them. Electricians use a standard level to ensure that fittings, screws, and other installations are placed correctly. To improve readability and convenience, certain levels are magnetized.

Utility Knife

A utility knife, often a box cutter, helps open cardboard boxes, sever electrical tape, and sheath non-metallic cables.

Wire Strippers

Professional electricians use wire strippers because they regularly need to remove the plastic covering off wires to expose the copper and create unique connections with other wiring or components. Most electricians have several types of wire strippers and are ready to utilize them for their upcoming jobs.

So, these are some of the most essential tools the electricians must have in their toolbox. They should remember to take proper precautions while using any of these tools or even  portable hardness tester Suppliers in Dubai UAE  to avoid any mess.