A torque wrench is a kind of precise tool that enables the user to tighten the fasteners. Torque wrenches are varied in terms of use. Not sure about the right use of a digital torque wrench? Are you confused about choosing the right digital torque wrench? Then we will explain the facts that help you understand how a digital torque wrench works. But before that let’s explore what torque trenches are and why you need them.

What is a Torque Wrench?

In terms of fasteners, torque is associated with how tightly a fastener is connected. A torque wrench is a tool used to drive the fasteners including bolts and nuts to a particular torque. Torque wrenches are quite identical to a ratchet. Torque wrenches are available in numerous sizes ranging from 1/4 inch to 1 inch. This is to fit different sizes of the sockets. Contact any Digital torque wrench supplier in Dubai UAE to buy effective digital torque wrench.

The Importance of Torque Wrenches

Torque wrenches are ideal for any work that needs accurate tightening. If the assembly instructions mention a particular torque, never use a wrench or ratchet. This is because, in such situations, torque wrenches are the ideal fit. Below are the functions that a torque wrench can perform effectively.

  • Tightening the lug bolts and nuts
  • Rebuilding an engine
  • Assembling a brake system
  • Installation of mower blade
  • Assembling a cycle
  • Functioning on a trailer
  • Assembling a vehicle storage rack

What is A Digital Torque Wrench?

Also known as an electronic torque wrench, a digital torque wrench is a special category of torque wrench. It enables a user to program the required torque utilising a display screen and buttons. A digital torque wrench makes it easy to understand whether you’ve tightened a fastener in a proper way or not.

The Steps To Use A Digital Torque Wrench

Similar to other industrial devices, digital torque wrenches also have particular usage instructions. What are they? Let’s discuss them.

  • Set The Proper Torque Value

First, turn on the machine and choose the measurement unit you will use. Then press the set button and utilise the adjustment button. This is to enter the required torque. Press the set button again to lock the measurement.

  • Fix The Tolerance

After entering the torque value, the next step is to set the tolerance. This step is necessary to set the required torque setting on which the machine should sound a signal. For instance, if the required torque is 170 Newton-Meters, the tolerance must be set at 10% to receive an alert.

  • Tighten The Fasteners

The next step is to tightening the fasteners. First, attach a socket and position the socket on the fasteners. Then apply the pressure evenly on the handles. Always turn the handles with slow move as you reach the required torque.

The user can get the first alert at the tolerance point and the second alert after attaining the required torque. Never apply sudden extreme pressure at the required torque. The display screen of the digital torque wrench will show the highest applied torque to the fasteners.

  • Turn off the Torque Wrench

The last and final step is turning off the wrench. Make sure of applying zero torque to the wrench while turning it off. Some torque wrenches will turn off automatically. You can buy these tools from wrecking pry bar suppliers in Dubai UAE.


So, these are some crucial facts about how to use the digital torque wrenches. Torque wrenches are high-grade industrial tools. Hence they need special care during their use. Contact Abasco Tools if you also want to buy effective digital torque wrenches.