Do you know about the slip gauges? Have you ever bought it with the best slip gauge SET suppliers in Dubai, UAE?
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As a professional, you might have used the measuring instrument named after Johnson, who first developed Slip gauges. Due to this, the slip gauges are also known as “Johnson Gauge Blocks.”

The slip gauges are rectangular steel boxes universally accepted as the ‘standard of length’ in several industries.

The measuring tool is quite effective in measuring the liner dimensions accurately. If you want to know more about slip gauges, continue reading the blog, and attain comprehensive knowledge.

More on the Best Measuring Tools: Slip Gauges

The requirement for slip gauges arises for tool room and precision work. The standard methods never give better results during the above two measurements, so using slip gauges becomes essential.

Slip gauges work at their best to measure the best tolerance limit of 0.001 to 0.0005 with accuracy. Most professionals admire slip gauges to check a flawless tolerance limit.

Now, let us gain some learning on the grades of slip gauges.

Grade 1- Calibration Grade

The calibration grade is often used for experimental work, measurement and inspection of other gauges, and research.

Grade oo

The grade oo, also known as the inspection gauge block, is mainly used by experts for work where high precision is required.

Grade o

The grade o is helpful and helps incredibly during machine shop inspection and tool room.

Grade I

For precision work, such as checking gap gauges, sine bars, and measurements of tools and components, Grade I is highly in demand.

Grade II

Grade II works perfectly for performing regular checks, setting up machine tools, regular inspection checks, and wide measurements with an extensive production tolerance.

The slip gauge set suppliers in Dubai UAE offer various slip gauge sets ranging from 10, 1, 0.01, 0.01, and 0.001mm steps.

The slip gauge sets steps on the small-sized block, and the measuring face contains the size markings. Whereas in the large blocks, markings are present on the side surface.

The units of the sets have ‘Metric’ and ‘English’ units. The letter ‘M’ represents metrics, and the letter ‘E’ represents inches units.


Slip gauges are crucially important for various industries and are worthy of using it for accurate measurements. If you want to buy suitable slip gauges, visit Abasco Tools now, and get enhanced tools in addition to the slip gauges now.