Have you ever heard about high-speed steel? What is this material used for? Don’t know about it? Let’s get a clear view of the same in the current blog. Precision Spirit Level Supplier in Dubai UAE, high-speed steel is shortly termed as HSS. This material is mostly used for designing cutting tools. There are various types of high-speed steel that prove quite advantageous. Come and understand something about the same.

Why is High-Speed Steel Important?

For the stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE, the HSS is quite useful. The material is also known as air-hardening steel because of its qualities. High-speed steel has been used since ancient times for a range of better cutting tools. Now, take a view of the advantages of the perfect steel.

Perfect Hardness

The HSS has an increased hardness than any other steel. The hardness of this material is very important for stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE. The cutting tools get their sharpened edges with the help of high-speed steel hardness features. It is the best material used for filers, chisels, and other cutting tools for various operations. This is quite easy to grind than other materials. Its hardened nature provides a long life to the tool.

Awesome Performance

The best stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE use HSS for the tools. The drill bits and other cutting tools have been used HSS for perfect milling operations. The great cutting directions, with a high-speed cutting regime, and comfortable sharpening is possible with the high-speed steel. The HSS works at a high speed in comparison to other alloys.

Wear Resistance

Research proves that the wear resistance of high-speed steel depends upon its microstructures and hardness. Even at the time of high heat, the components of HSS tend to hold the edges for longer hours. The superb advantage of wear resistance makes the cutting tool perfect.

Work in High Temperature

One more feature and benefit of the stainless-steel tool suppliers in Dubai UAE is performing under high temperatures. With the quality of a longer life, HSS is comfortable with a temperature of 650 degrees. The heat levels of the high-speed steel are much more than in other materials.

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Some of the High-Speed Steel Types are as follows,

Cobalt HSS

This stainless-steel tool supplier in Dubai UAE is inclusive of additional eight percent cobalt. The level of heat resistance is great.


The perfect blend of iron-based steel with chromium, carbon, and tungsten, creates a solid steel option. The tungsten HSS has a tremendous level of wear resistance, hardness, and heat resistance as well.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that high-speed steel is a very effective material for developing various cutting tools. The several benefits of this steel allow users to have a great tool for great operations.

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