If your job is associated with the electrical sector, you must be aware of the importance of getting protection against electrical shocks, injuries and burns. The most prominent way to do so is to use insulated tools for electrical work. Insulated tools are specially formulated to lessen the flow of electricity from the tool to the human body. So, in this article, we will explore some common FAQs about insulated tools like screwdrivers which you can buy from any insulated screwdriver set supplier in Dubai UAE.

What are Insulated Screwdrivers?

Insulated screwdrivers are a special category of insulated tools which include a coating of non-conductive components. This non-conductive layer covers the metal parts of the tool which can get in touch with live wires or electricity. The insulation can be made up of different materials. Such as rubber, plastic or anything else that can withstand electricity. Similar to the other insulated tools, insulated screwdrivers also have a mark on them that depicts the voltage level they can resist. For instance, tools with red insulation can withstand up to 1000 volts whereas tools with yellow marks can resist up to 650 volts.

Why Using Insulated Screwdrivers is Necessary?

Insulated screwdrivers offer two sorts of protection for technicians around the live electrical tools. First, these tools save the technicians from arcing and electrical shocks. Second, they offer protection to the equipment being repaired or inspected. If the technicians use non-insulated hand tools, then there might be chances for them to come in contact with an energised element. This can directly pass live electricity to the user through the tool. So, it is necessary to use tools that are insulated like screwdrivers.

Why Insulated Screwdrivers Are Different?

To get the answer to this question, it is necessary to understand one thing. Insulated screwdrivers are not just only regular screwdrivers with additional generic coating or rubber on the handles. Insulated Screwdrivers are specially designed to offer end-to-end protection to the technicians against any type of electrical shocks up to 1500V DC and 1000V AC.

These screwdrivers can protect the user in a numerous manner. All the parts of these screwdrivers are dielectric up to 1000V AC. This means there are no possibilities of conducting electricity if any part of these tools gets in touch with live current.

Who Needs Insulated Screwdrivers?

Many of us think that only electricians can use insulated tools like screwdrivers. But this is not true at all. Anyone who is functioning near live equipment can use insulated tools like screwdrivers. This means anyone can use these tools for opening and closing panels, connecting, disconnecting or cutting electrical wires, troubleshooting, battery service, or setting up circuit breakers in live panels of electricity. Whilst selecting insulated tools like screwdrivers make sure that they include such labels about the voltage level due to protection or safety issues. Contact 1000V insulated tools supplier in Dubai UAE to learn more about these screwdrivers.


So these are some common questions and their answers about insulated screwdriver relatives. We hope this article will help you know about the insulated tools more. Get in touch with Abasco Tools in case you also have similar requirements for insulated screwdrivers. Contact us now.