Different manufacturing units use a wide range of tools to produce quality products. A punch set is notable among them. A punch is a type of tool used to create a hole or make a dent on a workpiece. This tool can also be useful for many other tasks. Such as removing damaged bolts, altering the holes’ location, identifying centres for circle drawing and so on.

There are different types of punches available in the market with specific uses. Such as drift punch, price punch, pin punch, and centre punch. Manufactured units should assess their needs while selecting any suitable among them.

With proper maintenance, the punches can perform their core duties with ease and effectiveness. Do you want to expand the lifespan of your punch sets? Then below are some tips you can follow to do so. While buying any punch sets always make sure to buy them from a reputable Pin punch set supplier in Dubai UAE.

Retain Their Sharpness

The very first method of expanding the shelf life of the punches is to maintain their sharpness. The punches are meant to function for long hours. But for this, it is crucial to sharpen their edges on a regular basis. A regular sharpening of their edges can help the edges round them with ease. So, always try to perform intense servicing at short intervals to increase their overall efficacy.

Try Lubrication

The next noteworthy method of increasing the lifespan of the punches is effective lubrication. Lubrication is crucial for the punches as it can increase the shelf life of the tools. Effective lubrication prevents the heat generated by friction which may damage both the workpiece and punches. While lubricating the punches, do not forget to lubricate the workpiece too.

Place The Tool Correctly

Apart from effective lubrication and sharpness maintenance, the right placement of the punches is crucial during operations. Both the workpiece and the punches should be aligned in a proper way to prevent any deflection. The proper positioning of the punches can help in expanding their shelf life.

Proper Use

The punches are varied in terms of use and materials. Though most punches are made up of durable materials, their proper use is mandatory for expanding their longevity. Every workpiece needs specific punches. If you use a punch in the more powerful workpiece, then it can be damaged. So it is very important to know the materials of both the workpiece and punches for better efficacy. For example, if you are functioning with a workpiece made up of tough sheet metal, then always pair it with wear-resistant punches.

The Right Storage

The last and final step of maintaining the efficacy of the punches is their proper storage. Though punch tools are durable, still they need proper storage. Otherwise, they can get damaged due to moisture, extreme weather and other elements. So always store them in a safe and dry place. Also, do not forget to label them for better organisation. No matter what precautions you take, always buy your tools from a well-known Chisels and Punches supplier in Dubai UAE.


So, follow these steps to maintain the efficacy of the punches you’re using. To know such interesting tips, follow our blogs. We at Abasco Tools strive to deliver you the most suitable products for your business. Our clients adore us for our true efforts to benefit the clients’ businesses. Contact us now.