There are multiple categories of sockets available in the market. With so many choices, it can be difficult to realise which one is appropriate for your needs. So, in this article, we will discuss the different categories of sockets and their applications.

It can help you choose the right one for your needs. But before anything else, it is crucial to know what socket is. So let’s take a quick look at that. Contact a reputable insulated screw driver set supplier in Dubai UAE to learn more about sockets.

Definition of Sockets

A socket is a device that attaches at the end of a wrench or ratchet. The main function of a socket is to remove bolts. Sockets generally include two sides. One is to attach to a wrench and the other is to grip the bolts. Sockets are available in metric and imperial sizes.

Among these two you can select anyone depending on your requirements. The only difference between these two is the method one measures their sizes. Imperial sockets include measurements in inches and metric sockets include measurements in millimetres. Below are the most common types of sockets which most sectors use.

Hex Socket

A hex socket is nothing but a hexagonal-shaped socket. It fits around six-sided nuts and bolts. A hex socket includes six-angled points attached to the six straight edges. This structure helps these sockets to fit accurately over six-sided bolts. It is very easy to tighten or loosen hex bolts for its unique structure.

Impact Socket

The next type of socket is the impact socket. Impact sockets are ideal for usage with power impact wrenches. It is important to mention here that power impact wrenches are powerful devices. Hence it is crucial to use strong sockets with power impact wrenches. This is to handle the additional vibration and force of it. Impact sockets are known for their thicker walls and non-corrosive black finishing.

Spark Plug Socket

When it comes to the matter of removing or inserting spark plugs into an engine, spark plug sockets are the best. They are quite similar to regular sockets except they are a bit lengthier. They have to be lengthy so they can expand into spark plug well. Spark plug sockets also have rubber inserts. This is to prevent the spark plug from getting damaged.

Pass-Through Socket

The next category is pass-through sockets which go very well with pass-through wrenches. This is because both have a hole to make any long shaft pass through it. The main function of pass-through sockets is to tighten the bolts where the shaft is longer than usual. These sockets are ideal for those operations where regular sockets can not fit.

Insulated Socket

Insulated sockets are perfect for electrical applications. This is because these sockets have a coating on them. The coating helps them get insulated against electricity. These sockets are safe to use on live AC and DC currents as they pass through rigorous tests. Always use insulated sockets with insulated wrenches to get enough protection. These sockets are available at any notable tool bag supplier in Dubai UAE.


So these are some crucial types of sockets which hold immense importance in different sectors. If you still have queries about the sockets and their types, feel free to contact us.