Hand tools suppliers in Dubai UAE have a bunch of tools that are effectively helping the professionals or specialists to accomplishing their tasks and satisfy their clients.

Are you interested in knowing about various type of hand tools used by the professionals? If yes, you are on an accurate path. Let us get deep into learning of a few hand tools, supplied by the best hand tools suppliers in Dubai UAE.

So, continue reading this enticing blog, and get a detailed learning on the fascinating hand tools below,

The Marvelous Tools for Tough Projects

As we all know that hand tools are operated by the hands and doesn’t include any electricity or other power. There are ample variety of hand tools available with the hand tools suppliers in Dubai UAE, let us quickly review some of the hand tools right now.

Bolt Cutter

The hand tool suppliers in Dubai UAE offers the best quality of bolt cutter with hardened steel alloy jaws, bolts, rivets, chains, and bars.

The handles of a bolt cutter have a cushioned nonslip rubber grips that provides ease to the professional users.

Chain Tongs

Chain tongs are particularly used to hold pipes, cylinders, and other de-shaped objects. The tool contains a special head design that is used or turning the wrench in a proper way, and allowing ratchet action in other direction.

Manual Torque Wrench

The vendors of manual torque wrenches in UAE have a great quality of wrenches for the tightening the screws and bolts. The manual torque wrenches allow operators to set a specific torque to the fastener, and achieve the highest effectiveness in the task.

Pipe Wrench

Pipe wrench is another hand tool that contains a handle with minimal weight, and great strength. This wrench is provided at best rates by the hand tools suppliers in Dubai UAE, and are used for heavy duty work.

A replaceable hook, self-cleaning thread, and heel jaws makes it more effective for the professional users.


For turning the screws, a screwdriver contains a shaft, a handle, and a tip at the end. This tip helps the experts in screwing the head, and allowing a proper turning of handle. For removal, or insertion of screws, this hand tool has a best demand with the vernier caliper supplier in UAE Dubai.

The Conclusion

The bottom line says that the list of hand tools has not been ended yet. If you are a tool-lover, or a professional using the tools regularly, you must visit Abasco Tools for getting perfect hand tools at a pocket-friendly prices.