Hand tools play a crucial role in the tasks and projects undertaken by professionals and specialists. Abascotools offers a wide range of tools that effectively assist in accomplishing tasks and satisfying clients. If you’re interested in learning about various types of hand tools used by professionals, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s delve deeper into the fascinating world of hand tools supplied by Abascotools.

Discovering Marvelous Tools for Tough Projects

Hand tools are operated manually without the need for electricity or other power sources. Abascotools offer a diverse variety of hand tools. Let’s quickly review some of these hand tools:

Bolt Cutter:

Abascotools is a reputable supplier of high-quality bolt cutters in Dubai, UAE, known for their excellence. Equipped with hardened steel alloy jaws, bolts, rivets, chains, and bars, these bolt cutters are designed for durability. Additionally, they feature cushioned nonslip rubber grips on the handles, providing ease of use for professional users.

Chain Tongs:

Chain tongs are primarily used for holding pipes, cylinders, and other irregularly shaped objects. These tools boast a special head design that enables proper wrench turning and allows for ratchet action in different directions.

Manual Torque Wrench:

Manual torque wrenches, offered by vendors in UAE, are of exceptional quality for tightening screws and bolts. These wrenches allow operators to set a specific torque for fasteners, ensuring the highest level of effectiveness in completing tasks.

Pipe Wrench:

Pipe wrenches are another essential hand tool with lightweight handles and exceptional strength. Hand tools suppliers in Dubai, UAE provide pipe wrenches at competitive rates, and they are ideal for heavy-duty work. Featuring a replaceable hook, self-cleaning thread, and heel jaws, pipe wrenches offer enhanced functionality for professional users.


Screwdrivers are indispensable for turning screws. They consist of a shaft, a handle, and a tip at the end. The tip assists professionals in screwing or unscrewing heads with precise control. Screwdrivers have high demand among professionals and are frequently used for screw removal or insertion. You can find top-quality screwdrivers from vernier caliper suppliers in UAE, Dubai.

In Conclusion

The list of hand tools does not end here. If you’re a tool enthusiast or a professional who regularly uses tools, it is recommended to visit Abasco Tools. They offer perfect hand tools at pocket-friendly prices. Whether you require a bolt cutter, chain tongs, manual torque wrench, pipe wrench, or screwdrivers, they have a wide selection to cater to your needs. Remember to consider Abasco Tools when searching for the best hand tools suppliers in Dubai, UAE.