Do you know about the coating thickness gauge supplier in Dubai, UAE? Did you ever use a coating thickness gauge? Suppose you’re not a professional like me but want to know about this paint meter. Let us gather some information about this incredible device through this blog and understand it better.

Coating thickness gauges are also known as paint meters and are primarily used to measure dry film thickness. The measurement of dry film thickness is the most crucial in the coating industry.

The DFT measurements determines the expected life of the coating and the appearance and performance of the product.

The measurement of dry film thickness to ensure compliance according to the specifications. Check out more information on coating thickness gauges and types of thickness gauges.

Distinct Types of Perfect Coating Thickness Gauges

It’s essential to apply the thickness of the material that needs to be used to other surfaces like paint and coatings. So, the coating thickness gauges are superb measuring instruments comprised of the following types,

Mechanical Coating Thickness Gauges

The mechanical coating thickness gauges are appropriate for working in critical conditions and high-risk areas like flammable atmospheres, high temperatures, areas with a higher risk of explosion, underwater, etc.

The mechanical coating thickness offers a cost-effective range measurement of dry film thickness. Accuracy followed by instant and quick results works best with automated coating thickness gauges.

Digital Coating Thickness Gauges

The reliability, accuracy, and repeatable coating thickness measurements are possible with digital coating thickness gauges. These gauges are best used for measuring metallic substrate coating thickness.

Permanent Magnet Coating Thickness Gauges

This type of gauge contains a permanent magnet placed on the balanced arm. The magnet is pulled by applying force to measure the thickness of the coating. A helical spring is used to apply the force. The helical spring is attached to the scale wheel and balanced arm.

How are Coating Thickness Measurements Performed for DFT?

Two methods or techniques measure DFT or dry film thickness. Destructive Thickness Measurement: In this process, the dry film thickness measurement is determined with the help of cutting the coating to the substrate using a cutting tool.

Non-Destructive Thickness Measurement: The non-destructive thickness measurements do not damage the coating and use techniques like magnetic induction, magnetic, and eddy current thickness measurements.

The no-destructive thickness measurements are used on magnetic and non-magnetic metal surfaces.

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The Conclusion

The bottom line is that the best suppliers offer exquisite coating thickness measurement gauges of various types at affordable prices. Check with Abasco Tools and buy the enhanced measuring tools now.