Do you know how vital air conditioner service and repair are? During summer, it becomes a crucial thing to think about it. So, we hire professionals, but do you know what tools they use in the process? Many tools offered by hand tools suppliers in Dubai UAE work best during the AC servicing procedure.

You might know these tools if you are an air conditioner professional. In the other case, go through this informative blog, and be prepared to fill your mind with comprehensive details on the tools.

The Incredible Tools to Fix Air Conditioners

Here are some vital tools supplied by the best tools suppliers in Dubai UAE that help professionals in convenient AC fixing.


Hammers are an excellent tool that is used to remove or fasten nails. There are various types of hammers used for distinct purposes. Here, the ball peen hammer works the best during air conditioner servicing.

This hammer has a flat, striking surface at one end and is rounded on the other. So, a ball peen hammer perfectly serves an air conditioner.

Twist Drills

The twist drills are the best for drilling through metals, plastics, and wood materials. Air conditioners are made up of metals, so these drills fit superbly. The twist drill’s benefits are consuming minimal power and reducing working time.


Preferably used for cutting screw threads for nuts, a tap is a tool that resembles the screws. It contains threads and grooves. There is various type of taps used in multiple applications.

Mostly used taps for air conditioner servicing are bottoming, taper, and plug. Taper types are the best for properly cutting the metal; for cutting the blind holes, the plug type is highly recommended. Bottom types are perfect for cutting threads to the blind hole’s bottom.


The best cutting tools are used to remove sharp and rough edges from cut metal. During air conditioner servicing, files work best for cleaning and smoothening metal parts.

The lengths of files can be 4 inches to 12 inches, and the cut types may be double or single.

Screwdrivers are the essential tools supplied by the best tools suppliers in Dubai UAE. These tools help loosen AC parts and air conditioner cover and perform other settings in the air conditioner.


Usually used to fasten nuts and bolts, but the oil filter wrench is a tool that professionals use during air conditioner servicing, This tool works incredibly to properly and safely replace the oil filters on an AC unit.

The Conclusion

The bottom line is that an air conditioner service can be perfect by using these marvelous tools. To buy the best tools for making your air conditioner run smoothly, visit Abasco Tools and get quality tools at affordable prices.