Nowadays, having a tool kit full of hand tools is a fundamental substance to operate various tasks at home. If you are a homeowner, then you have to do some repair jobs to maintain your home appropriately. But in case of urgency, it is wise to book an expert who has all the essential tools like a portable hardness tester supplier in Dubai UAE, Pipe Wrench, Basin Wrench, Hacksaw, vernier caliper supplier in UAE, etc.

So if you want to fix some simple issue to protect your home from any damage then, you must have a tool kit with all the elementary tools inside it.

Basic Hand Tools Inside Your Tool Box

What are the tools that you must have in your tool kit? It is a common question that may arise in your mind as you are a professional. Before jumping to any conclusion here are the lists of basic tools that must have inside your toolbox.


Hammers are primarily used for driving nails and are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. Claw hammers are the most common type with a sharp chisel-like point at one end for removing nails and a flat face on the other to drive them in. Sledge hammers feature a long wooden handle combined with a large head on one end that is used to strike objects such as logs or masonry blocks to break them apart.


Screwdrivers are another basic tool that you must have inside your toolbox. Without these, it is impossible for you to tighten screws, nuts, or even bolts.


Pliers are designed for gripping and using items such as wire, nails, screws, pipes, etc. based on their type. Adjustable pliers offer maximum versatility via opening wide enough to fit over large objects yet narrow enough to grip small items securely. End nippers provide extra leverage when cutting through tough materials while long nose pliers can reach into tight areas inaccessible by other tools.


Wrenches come with both fixed heads that are unable to be adjusted for size. Socket wrenches also fall under this category featuring hollow sockets on one end in different sizes which fit over nuts/bolts rather than around it as regular wrench models do.


Saws are draft for cutting hard materials such as wood or metal while there are several types available depending on the task required from each one; hacksaws use replaceable blades with teeth that cut materials via back-and-forth movements while coping saws feature frames with thin blades held in tension between two pins while circular saws contain motorized blades that rotate rapidly making cutting easier along straight lines even if depth needs adjusting regularly during the process.

These are just some of the most common hand tools available today each of them playing an important role in completing tasks quickly and efficiently.