Different tasks require separate equipment. Whether making do-it-yourself shelves at home or working on a more critical construction or carpentry project, you must have used a hammer at least once. The tool with ancient roots and versatile uses is indispensable for blacksmithing, carpentry, mechanical tasks, etc.

You must think hard before selecting an appropriate hammer to prevent your work from suffering significant damage or injuring yourself. Therefore, here are various hammers your metal cutting coolant cutting oil supplier Dubai UAE will offer.

Hammer Varieties And Their Uses

Specific uses require a unique hammer. Read about various types of hammers and their applications below:

  • Ball Peen Hammer:

Machinist’s hammer is another name for the ball peen hammer. Its primary function is to assist an artisan in peening or giving a desirable shape to a metal object’s surface. While one end is round, its other end is flat. The former part helps in peening, while the latter aids in driving across the object’s surface.

You can best use this hammer type for metalworking, riveting and punching metal objects, and rounding edges. Tools suppliers in UAE Dubai UAE offer exceptional quality hammers for you to choose from.

  • Claw Hammer

Framing or claw hammers are a regular tool among DIY lovers and workers. Their popular feature is driving nails with the help of a round or flat head. The claw on the other end helps remove the nails, tearing drywall, splitting wood, prying, and various demolition assignments.

The only difference between a claw and a framing hammer is that the claw is straighter than the claw hammer. The manufacturing of the claw end uses high-grade fiberglass or steel alloys. They are the most efficient for woodwork, splitting, framing, prying, small demolition, and finishing.

These hammers can also be an electrician’s best friend by having a rubber grip or handle, offering protection during electrical tasks.

  • Dead Blow Hammer

The best tools suppliers in UAE Dubai UAE also offer dead blow hammers, which, as you can tell, are ideal for striking surfaces using extreme force. Dead blow here interprets as these hammers will not bounce back when you strike them. These hammers are perfect for setting joints, automotive applications, and floorboard installation.

  • Sledgehammer

This hammer type features a metal head shaped like a mallet, exceeding most hammers in size. These comprise a long handle meant to swing using both hands and demolish objects. The handle length can extend up to three feet, with the metal head being about 20 pounds.

These have robust fiberglass or wood handles and are a typical tool for breaking stones, demolition tasks, and driving stakes.

  • Mallets

Tools suppliers in UAE Dubai UAE also deliver mallet hammers, which comprise a flat head block fixed on a handle. The mallet can be made of leather, lightweight wood, or rubber and helps drive chisels. They offer a softer impact compared to metal heads.

You can use these to shape metal, nudge plasterboard, and fit wooden components without leaving any dents on the surface.


Since most hammers come with similar designs, people often confuse them to be perfect for numerous uses. However, these versatile tools come with specific designs for dedicated jobs. With this knowledge, you can find an ideal hammer that suits the needs of your task.