Chisels and hand punches are types of striking tools that have been in use for centuries. They are considered to be one of the oldest devices in the history of the human race. In ancient times, chisels and punches are used for survival procedures such as stone formation, wood carving fabrication of clothes etc.

In contemporary scenarios, chisels and hand punches play a crucial role in removing bushings, extracting pins, and cutting steel objects. Despite their simple design, these striking tools offer remarkable versatility, making them indispensable in any tool collection. Exploring various punch and chisel types is vital for proper selection. Center punches, pin punches, and drift punches serve specific functions, while cold chisels and cape chisels cater to diverse cutting needs. When seeking a reliable striking wrench supplier in Dubai, UAE, it’s essential to prioritize a diverse range of high-quality tools, ensuring your collection is well-equipped for demanding tasks in industrial settings.

Hand Punches

Hand punches are majorly two major types, solid hand punches and hollow hand punches. You can buy those types of punches from reputed pin punch set suppliers in Dubai UAE.

Solid Punches

Solid punches are designed to be struck by a hammer and hence made up of metal rods in a one-piece structure. There are multiple types of solid hand punches in terms of length, tip, diameter and usage which are the following.

  • Tapers are made for driving and loosening the pins. It can also be used to align the existing holes in multiple workpieces.
  • Also known as pilot punches, roll pin punches are used to remove hollow, rolled solid pins.
  • Centre punches are utilised to develop an impression of the object before drilling a hole.
  • Aligning punches are utilised to align multiple holes to insert a fastener.
  • Pin punches are used to remove or drive pins after being loosened by a taper punch.
  • Another notable type is prick punches which are quite similar to centre punches.

Hollow Punches

Hollow punches are utilised to make a hole by punching a surface. Such as sheet metal or leather. A hollow punch is effortlessly recognized by its exit hole. The exit hole is located near the functioning end of the hollow punches.

Its goal is to enable the punched material to be extracted and discarded. The working end of hollow punches can differ in shape and size relying on the needed hole and the material being punctured.


Chisels are rod-shaped one-piece tools made of metal. Chisels are designed to be hit by a hammer. They are mainly utilised to shape or cut a metal. Chisels are almost similar to sold punches. Below are some common types of chisels.

  • Cold chisels are a very famous type of chisel that include a flat wide working end or tip with a cutting edge. These chisels are utilised to cut holes, remove burrs and break chains.
  • Diamond-shaped chisels have a unique diamond-shaped point. These chisels are used to create V-shaped grooves and holes in steel sheets.
  • Cape chisels possess a narrow cutting edge which is used to cut new grooves or make rounded corners square.
  • Rivet Buster chisels are similar to flat chisels except for the offset cutting edge.
  • Instead of a straight edge, round nose chisels include a round edge on one side. The round edge enables them to cut grooves which have round bottoms. Contact a reputable chisels and punches supplier in Dubai UAE to buy the best products.


So these are some crucial types of hand punches and chisels. Routine maintenance is extremely crucial in ensuring the longevity of the punches and chisels. While buying chisel and punch sets, consider what material is being driven or cut and the atmosphere in which you are functioning. So contact us to know such interesting topics.