When it comes to the matter of selecting any length measuring tool, the name that will top the list is measuring tape This is because measuring tape is effective and easy to maintain. No other tool can offer more efficacy than a measuring tape for the length measuring purposes.

Though using measuring tapes is very easy, it is necessary to take proper care of them. Otherwise, it can break apart quickly. So let’s discuss the most common steps of maintaining the measuring tapes which you can buy from any renowned measuring tape supplier in Dubai UAE.

Avoid Water

The very first tip of maintaining a measuring tape is to avoid water. Most of the measuring tapes are made up of iron, and other metals. This makes the measuring tapes very prone to corrosion. Hence, while using a measuring tape, it is crucial to stay away from water. In case your measuring tape is wet, clean and dry it with a soft cotton cloth. There are chances of water getting into the case. If this problem arises, open the case and keep it in the sunlight to dry it. In such a manner, you can prevent your measuring tape from getting corrosion.

Stay Away From Extreme Temperature

Do you want your measuring tapes to last longer than usual? Then stay away from extreme temperatures. Since measuring tapes are made up of iron, and other metals, they can expand in size due to extreme temperature. So, using a metallic tape measure at extreme temperatures may not offer you an accurate result. So always select heat-resistant measuring tapes while functioning in extremely high or low temperatures.

Proper Storage

The next notable aspect of maintaining a tape measure is its proper storage. While using a measuring tape, it is important to keep it in a dry and safe place. You can either keep them in a dry area or put them in your toolbox. While storing them at any place, keep them far away from your children’s reach. It is always better to keep them in a locked or covered toolbox.

Be Careful

While using a measuring tape, always hold it with immense care. Always let your measuring tape rewind with ease. Otherwise, it can harm your body parts including your fingers. In addition, a wild rewinding measuring tape can damage its hooks and break apart. The damaged hooks of a measuring tape can harm your eyes. So always use a tape measure with care.

Regular Inspection

The last and final tip for maintaining a measuring tape is regular inspection. Do a proper inspection and replace the damaged parts if possible. This is because a sudden breaking down in the measuring tape can disturb your work. But regular checkups can prevent any such occurrences. Contact a well-known Try Square supplier in Dubai UAE to buy quality products.


So, these are some common steps which can ensure the smooth operation of your measuring tape. There are multiple reasons behind the breaking down of measuring tapes. It can happen due to improper use or poor quality. But what a proper inspection can do? It can expand the lifespan of your tape measure. To buy excellent quality tape measure, contact Abasco Tools. This is because we are one of the most renowned tool suppliers in Dubai UAE. Contact us now.