KDCTG8700 Coating Thickness Gauge





  • Multi type probe can be used (FI, NI, NIO)
  • 2 measuring modes are available: continuing measuring mode (CONTINUE) and single measuring mode (SINGLE)
  • 2 operation modes are available: direct mode (DIRECT) and batch mode (A-B)
  • 5 statistic values: mean value (MEAN), max. Value (MAX), min. Value (MIN), numbers of measuring (NO.), standard deviation(S.DEV)
  • 2 methods can be used to calibrate the gauge, and the system error of the probe can be corrected by use of basic calibrating method
  • Storage function: 500 measuring values can be stored
  • Deletion function: delete the single questionable data occurring in measuring, as well as all of the data in memory area to perform the new measuring
  • Limit can be set: capable of alarming automatically for measuring values out of limit; and a batch of measuring values can be analyzed via histogram
  • Buzzing indication in the course of operation

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