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    Starrett 696Z Crankshaft Distortion Dial/Strain Guage

    Short Description

    Ideal gage for checking bearing alignment or shaft deflection without dismantling the engine. Also useful as a strain gage on engine frames. This inside measuring gage checks the distortion of crankshaft webs and bears a direct relation to existing misalignment or excessive bearing wear. Used on all diesel engine shafts and center crankshafts on any type of engine or compressor, the gage can also be applied as a strain gage on engine frames while the engine is operating. A comparison of readings taken at top and bottom positions indicates any misalignment of cylinder and frame which results in local over-stress and eventual cracking of the frame neck. Gage with Balancing Attachment, 2 3/8-18” Range neck


    • The dial indicator movement is approximately 5/32" (4mm) and with rods and extension, provides a range from 2 3/8-18" or 61-458mm
    •  There are 10 rods and one extension furnished
    •  Rods are marked to designate the approximate overall length of the gage
    •  Indicator has a movable bezel to adjust the dial in relation to the hand and a non-breakable crystal
    •  Gage is used by inspectors to check the distortion of engine shafts and frames


    •  Type: Strain Gage
    •  Range (in): 2- 3/8" to 18"
    •  Graduations (in): .001"
    •  Dial Reading: 0-20-0 / .040" Rev.

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