Pryor Interchangeable Punch Set – Alphanumeric Steel Type Marking Sets


Pryor Interchangeable Punch Set – Alphanumeric Steel Type Marking Sets

  • Making a mark with Steel Type Sets saves time – simply build an inscription into the slot in the Holder and in just one stroke, a series of letters and figures can be indented with uniform legibility.
  • Hand Holders designed to provide accurate Type location and positive locking. Simply adjust the grub screw with the Allen Key provided for quick inscription change.
  • Safety Grip available as an accessory to work with Hand Holders allows the user to make a controlled and confident strike by keeping the fingers at a safe distance, reducing the risk of injury and assisting in making a good quality mark.
  • Steel Type with uniformity of blank size, character position and depth from one piece to another allows a straight, consistent quality mark to be made on a range of materials including metal and plastic up to a maximum hardness of 37 Rockwell C
  • Individual Characters, plus Sets of Letters & FiguresNumber Kits and Holders are all available to purchase should the composition of this set not match your needs.
  • Manufactured under stringent BS EN ISO 9001:2008 quality controls and exacting standards.




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