Plastigauge PL-A


FOR MEASUREMENTS OF: 0.001″ to 0.007″ (0.025mm – 0.175mm)

CONTENTS: 100 gauges, measurement reading cards (mm & inches) & instructions

PLASTIGAUGE PL-A is widely used in the measurement of clearance in plain automotive bearings. Measurement of clearance in big-end bearings can be achieved without dismantling the crankshaft.

PLASTIGAUGE is a precision clearance gauge for the measurement of clearance (separation) between fitted surfaces. It is particularly useful for measuring clearances in split bearings or in situations where a feeler gauge cannot be inserted.

PLASTIGAUGE is particularly effective for the measurement of separation in moulding tools and wherever it is required to determine the separation between hidden surfaces.

PLASTIGAUGE may be used to detect high spots in cylinder heads, pipe flanges etc. It is useful in production, inspection and servicing.


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